Service Facilitators

Service Facilitators Customize Care Plans to Fulfill Our Clients Needs

Our Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professionals (QIDP) or Service Facilitators consider the needs and desires of each child and adult as they develop, monitor, and advocate for the appropriate individualized habilitation plans. Habilitation is the process of supplying an individual with the means to develop maximum independence in activities of daily living through training or treatment.

Habilitation plans are important tools for assisting individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities in reaching and maintaining their maximum potential.

Our Service Facilitators develop a plan to take into account all areas of adaptive behavior  that are appropriate for the age, communication and learning style, and skill level of the individual including:

  • Personal grooming needs
  • Meal planning and preparing food
  • Housekeeping activities
  • Taking medication
  • Handling money
  • Education
  • Traveling
  • Socializing
  • Working
  • Leisure and recreational activities

Our QIDPs also are responsible for ensuring the rights of the individuals receiving services are not being violated. We also complete all necessary paperwork including, but not limited to, Individual Service Plans and ICAP evaluations.

Service Facilitation

Note: This service is available in the Adult Waiver and the Children’s Support Waiver.

This service is available within the monthly and yearly maximum to all Children’s Support Waiver participants, and to Adult Waiver participants who are authorized for Home-Based Support Services (HBS).

Service facilitation includes case management services that assist participants and families in gaining access to needed Waiver and other Medicaid State Plan services, as well as medical, social, educational and other services, regardless of the funding source for the services.

Service Facilitators are responsible for day-to-day oversight and administration of the service plan and for ensuring participant health, safety and welfare.

Service facilitators assist the participant, family and guardian, if one has been appointed, in the following:

  • Designing an array of habilitation and support services to meet the participant’s needs.
  • Convening a service planning team, or convening the team as directed by the participant, family or guardian. In addition to the participant, guardian (if applicable), family members and/or other individuals important to the participant, service facilitator, and ISSA, the team may include other professionals and service providers as needed.
  • Writing or updating the individual service plan at least annually or more often, if needed, based on assessment information and discussion among the participant, guardian, family and other members of the service planning team.
  • Ensuring the completion of service agreements or service authorizations between the participant and service providers.
  • Working with the fiscal employer agency to monitor the expenditure of funds according to the individual budget, service plan and service agreements/authorization.
The Ace Difference

Ace Human Services is a professional home services agency that helps children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to achieve and maintain their maximum level of independence.

Our experienced team provides hands-on support with intellectual, emotional, social and physical functioning in the individual's home or in a community setting.

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